Ceremony Venues

Iglesia de la Inmaculada Concepcion

The church of the Immaculate Conception was built in the upper part of the town on top of the ruins of the castle. One of the towers (the square one) of the castle was incorporated into the church as the bell tower. There are three naves that are separated from each other by rounded arches supported by columns. The ceiling in the main nave is made of wood the Baroque elements are shown in the plaster moldings around the church. The side naves are dated from the first half of the 17th century. The nave of the Evangelist is decorated profusely with figures of acanthus leaves, fruits, and flowers. Seating can accommodate up to 200 people, but such is the intimacy of the church that 50 people are not lost in there. The beautiful gardens and fountains surrounding the church and the magnificent views across the coast make this a perfect wedding location all round and ensure that your wedding photographs are stunning and unique.

New Mijas exteriorNew church AltarNew church Mijas

Iglesia de San Sebastian

The Hermitage of San Sebastian was built at the end of the 17th century. There is only one nave. The main chapel is square and is topped with a semispherical vault and has many plaster decorations. There is a camarin with a sculpture of Jesus Nazareno, the work of Antonio Castillo Lastrucci. In the 18th century the sculpture of San Sebastian arrived at the hermitage, as well as the sculpture of San Jose with the Child Jesus. This church is located in the busy centre of the village and can seat up to 40 people.

San Sebastian Mijas extSan Sebastian Interior

Ermita de la Virgen de la Peña

Hidden away in a corner of the village, overlooking the wonderful valley leading to the coast, is the hermitage of the ‘Virgen de la Peña’. It is built into a rocky outcrop by Mercedarian monks in 1520 and inside is the image of the ‘Virgen de la Peña’, the patron Saint of the village. According to the legend, she appeared on this spot on the 2nd of June 1586 to two young shepherds that had been led there by a pigeon. Subsequently an image of the Virgin was found concealed in a recess in the tower where it had been hidden for 500 years. In 1656 work started on the sanctuary cave, which is nowadays always decorated with flowers and pictures as offerings. It is a perfect spot for a small, intimate wedding, with seating for around 20 people inside and makes for beautiful photos with the dramatic scenery and whitewashed village surrounding it.

Cave Mijas7sunny cave

Whichever church you decide on in the beautiful village of Mijas, your wedding location is idyllically romantic and perfect for the occasion and we cn promise you that your guests will not only love this day out at your wedding, but they will never ever forget it either…