Catholic Church Weddings

Catholics of any Country can be married legally in Spain whether they are resident or not and we will send you a list of all the necessary paperwork and the information you will need to begin the process at home with your own parish priest. He, in turn will process the necessary paperwork and send it to the Bishop of Malaga who will then take care of all the details here in Spain.  From there we will liaise with the bishop’s office here in Malaga and ensure that the paperwrok is here in time and where it should be for your big day.

Our own parish priests are more than happy to perform your ceremony for you, but if you would prefer to bring your own parish priest with you, then that is also allowed.

Civil Ceremonies in Spain are only possible if one of the couple is resident here in Spain for UK citizens are arranged in Gibraltar with the reception held in Spain at a venue of your choice.

Non Catholic weddings, church or otherwise

Blessings can be arranged almost anywhere – you can choose a castle in the countryside, a quaint church or a chiringuito on the beach, whatever you have in your minds eye for your perfect day. Blessings have no legal value but are a lovely way to make your commitment vows to each other in the company of your nearest and dearest in the setting of your choice.

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